Event Photos

Pictures of our Models and Cabana Girls Working on Events

~ Client Testimonial ~
The girls (Gloria S, Michelle M, Nicole T and Nuray S) were awesome and we had a great time! They all interacted and were sociable! I was a little apprehensive at first but when they came in they all just dove right in so to speak with getting to know everyone and really being outgoing. The Neptune Pool was more laid back and made it easier for us all to chat and get to know each other while Wet Republic was much more of a party atmosphere with dancing and craziness everywhere but the girls kept up and partook in each setting and situation perfectly. Overall the experience was great and those four ladies were amazing!??-JT client

Hey there John,
Yes, we all had a great time.  The girls did a very good job.
Katrina A. was by far the most outgoing and engaging of the girls.  Great personality.
Katarina B. was very nice and participated when asked. 
Breanna R. wasn’t as outgoing, but when approached, she was very personable.
Obviously, all 3 of the girls were very beautiful and dressed the part.
My only complaint, and I am partly to blame for not keeping track of the time, but I had taken a quick bathroom break and when I got back the girls were gone.  I had expected to have the guys take individual photos along with a large group photo before they left, not to mention tip them. So, my suggestion would be for the girls to give the organizer a “heads up” when their time is almost up.  Maybe 15 mins or so beforehand.
All in all, we had a great time and were all very happy with the service.  I’ll be in touch the next time we come out!
Thank you,
Derek V. – Mandalay Bay beach bungalow event August 2022